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About Barbara Moore

Barbara    Moore,    founder    and    Senior    Business    Consultant,    is    a    performance-driven entrepreneur  with  forty  (40)  plus  years  of  operational  and  management  skills.     She  has demonstrated    an    ability    to    manage    large-scale    government    contracts    in    facilities management,     property     management,     medical     janitorial     services     and     construction management.   Since the late 60’s, when she left Norfolk State University to work full-time  in her   father’s   trucking   business,       Ms.   Moore   has   gained   tremendous   experience   in negotiation,  accounting  techniques  and  the  ability  to  motivate  employees  to  work  efficiently and effectively.

Beginning  in  1982,  Ms.  Moore  has  operated  several  business  ventures  and  has  worked  with many  small   businesses   to   obtain   their   8(a)   certification   and   Multiple   Award   Schedule through   the   General   Service   Administration.     She   has   continued   to   work   with   small businesses  in  providing  guidance   and   support   in   obtaining   capital   and   certifications, developing   and   implementing   business  plans  while  operating  a  successful  company.    She formed  C  &  L  Service  Corporation  (CLS)  in  1996  and  was  successful  in  receiving  the  8(a) designation in 1998.   The company had a Facilities  Management,  Property  Management  and Financial Services division.   C & L Service Corporation  graduated  from  the  8(a)  Program  in

2007  with  more  than  $60  million  dollars  in  contracts over five (5) years.  In the last three (3) years of its existence, CLS had average sales of 13  million  dollars  a  year.    C  &  L  Service Corporation  received  several  letters  and  awards  of  recognition  for  outstanding  performance including  the  2004  Small  Business  Award  from  the  United States Department of Homeland Security.

In 2013, she closed CLS to retire, but decided to return her focus full time to working with small businesses  and  formed  SMK  Business  Center,  LLC.   Ms.  Moore’s  passion  has  always  been to  work  with  small  businesses  helping  them  grow  their  business  through  all  the  resources available within her network of other professionals and guiding them through the process.

Barbara Moore loves what she does and works tirelessly for her clients to improve the quality of their business and hopefully improve their lives.

She is always just a telephone call or e-mail away.